Welcome here! I’m glad you found me, but I bet you're:

  • Packing (and re-packing) the hospital bag

  • Not sure what to expect

  • Googling everything

  • Frustrated that nothing seems as simple as you thought

I know that preparing for your little one's arrival can be overwhelming. As a mom of 2, I've been there!

While you're so focused on making your registry perfect in order to feel prepared, deep down you know the "stuff" (awesome as it is!) isn't going to give you the skills to care for your new baby.

So what will give that confidence and peace of mind you're looking for?


It’s an online course I developed specifically for expectant & new parents. It leaves no stone unturned when it comes to learning exactly what to expect during the first 24 hours in hospital and the next 48 at home with baby.

Why's it so important?

Because too often women come to me around 6 weeks postpartum physically and mentally exhausted, wishing they’d come to me sooner in preparation for baby’s arrival.

They wish that instead of focusing on buying things, they invested more time into learning about how life with baby would unfold. 

Why? Because at the end of the day, babies don’t come with instruction manuals like swings and highchairs do.

But trying to figure out what to do doesn't have to be your experience. And that’s where I come in.

Hi, I’m Amy and not only am I a seasoned mama, I’m a Childbirth Educator and Postpartum Doula, which means I’ve been around hundreds of babies…

If there’s one thing I know, it’s babies!

I know them so well I decided to develop an online course about them to make expecting or new parents like you feel more confident about bringing your baby home.

And it’s not just another course with more ‘nice to knows’. It’s the gold standard that will take you from anxious and unsure, to confident and capable in the new adventure you're about to start!

It’s built on the hard-won wisdom and experiences of all the amazing women I’ve had the honour of welcoming a new baby with, which means you're hearing it straight from the child-rearing trenches.

Wondering what's covered?

  • REAL life with baby in the first few weeks

  • Knowing exactly what your baby wants (and is telling you)

  • How to be a prepared and confident as a new parent

  • Troubleshooting common newborn questions without using Google

  • Strategies on how to soothe your baby

  • Everything and anything feeding related, AND…

  • How to actually enjoy the fourth trimester!

Still have questions?

  • How is this information delivered?

    Through 5 pre-recorded teaching videos that you can watch (and re-watch if you'd like) in your PJs at home with tea and your favourite blanket.

  • Does it include any physical examples of how to handle baby?

    It sure does. I’ve included easy-peasy demonstration videos, so you’ll feel like a professional in no time.

  • I like asking questions, will I get that opportunity?

    Absolutely. Asking questions is how we learn! You will have email access to Embrace Doula the entire time you are taking the course.

  • Will I get to meet any other parents? Building my network is important.

    You sure will. The course includes access to a PRIVATE Facebook group where you can openly talk to other parents in the same situation as you. My team of childhood educators and Doulas will also be keeping an eye on the page in case you have any questions directed at them.

  • How do I stay in the loop of more information and resources?

    You’ll be in my email database which means you will automatically be sent any and all updates on new programs, resources and tools!

  • How long do I have access to the course for?


What People Are Saying


We took childbirth education with Amy and can’t recommend her services enough. She is knowledgeable and shares all information without judgement.


We can’t thank Amy enough for her incredible education and support and highly recommend her for new and expecting parents.


She is so knowledgeable in the baby world and helpful in navigating new motherhood


We learned a lot from Amy, even though it’s our second time

Whether you want to learn more about babies, becoming a confident parent, or just want to feel more prepared (who doesn't?), then you've found the answer! This course will ensure you start parenthood off feeling ready, and help your postpartum experience be a POSITIVE one.